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I'm not going to say much else, in order to preserve the genuinely surprising twist this show takes toward the end of the pilot. ) This show has promise of becoming an anxious allegory of global capitalism, and it's not just the super-sharp halogen flashlights that remind a viewer of "The X-Files." If Abrams keeps his urge to overreach under control and lets the mystery seep out organically over time, while tracking the shifting three-way relationship between Dunham and the Bishops, this could be a very good and even significant TV show.

Yet I will suggest that it has a playful manner and untapped resources of "X-Files" paranoia, manifested in Blair Brown, who plays the placid public-relations face of Massive Dynamic, a hugely fearsome corporation run by a former colleague of Dr. No so "Privileged," the CW's new class-conscious, but otherwise bubbleheaded exercise in elitism and how the other half lives, debuting at 8 p.m. Jo Anna Garcia, who could double as Amy Adams' baby sister, stars as Megan Smith, an aspiring writer who ends up serving as tutor to two bratty Palm Beach teens: the more humble Rose, played by Lucy Kate Hale, and the more ferocious and dominant Sage, played by Ashley Newbrough.

As it is, this show couldn't be more predictable or less compelling. It stars Jerry O'Connell, who was the best thing about the canceled "Carpoolers" (except maybe for T. Miller's Marmaduke), as Neal, the horndog manager of a well-to-do hotel.

Finally, there's the aptly named "Do not Disturb," premiering at p.m. He's pitted against Niecy Nash's Rhonda as the strident head of human relations, and the glimpses critics and advertisers got of it last spring seemed faintly promising in spite of the simple-minded premise.

That leads Dunham to redouble her efforts, in spite of the obstacles placed in front of her by Homeland Security special agent Phillip Broyles, played by Lance Reddick (who like Tristan Wilds of the new "90210" has found sanctuary in prime time after starring in HBO's largely unseen "The Wire").

They have a conflict relationship going back to a previous sex-harassment case she prosecuted, and to subtly emphasize the point people keep calling her "honey" and "sweetie." Here's where the series elements kick in.

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Yet Dunham compels him to join her cause, and before long he's joining her on foot in pursuit of a suspect.Potential daters follow six steps on the site to provide basic information on themselves and their dream date, which will help prospective mates search those tags, while seeing if participants’ photos and video pass muster.Several Fox O&Os have launched similar services, such as WFLD Chicago’s Your Dating Spot, which launched in September.The most important minority group was the Baltic Germans, who settled there in the thirteenth century.A sizable Russian community moved to the cities, particularly Riga.


I don't know how it is Fox can produce such high-minded dramas and such idiotic comedies, but my guess is this series will be forcibly removed from the Fox schedule before the baseball playoffs move in come October. Fox WFLD Channel 32 is getting into the online-community dating business. The highlights are culled from about 80 submissions of short audio stories. WFMT 98.7-FM has added Bethany & Rufus and the Makem & Spain Brothers to its Midnight Special Folk Festival set for Sept.