Updating oracle db using servlet

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Updating oracle db using servlet

The following sections discuss and provide examples for typical scenarios for the use of EJBs from servlets: Servlet-EJB communications use JNDI for lookup and RMI for the EJB calls, over either ORMI (the Oracle implementation of RMI) or IIOP (the standard and interoperable Internet Inter-Orb Protocol).

This example reads a query string from the HTTP request. The servlet then appends this input to construct the database query.

Dynamic Web applications typically access a database to provide content.

This chapter, consisting of the following sections, shows how servlets can use JDBC—the Java standard for database connectivity—and Enterprise Java Beans—used for secure, transactional server-side processing: Part of the power of servlets comes from their ability to retrieve data from a database.

Create Exception; public class Hello Servlet extends Http Servlet This section discusses the deployment steps and configuration for the Servlet-EJB local lookup sample application.

In the descriptor files, note the bold passages in particular.

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This includes servlet code, EJB code, and EJB interface code. file on the servlet tier has been set up to specify the host, port, user name, and password for the remote lookup, as shown in the preceding section, "Use of the Remote Flag".

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