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Updating from tiger to leopard

Baby dragons are high-level Summoning pets, released on 15 January 2008 with the Summoning skill.

Requiring level 99 Summoning to obtain and raise, they are tied with Tz Rek-Jad, Frosty, the King Black Dragonling, the Queen Black Dragonling, and Rawrvek for the position of highest-level pet.

They may be summoned from the follower pets section of the pets interface, accessed from the Customisation tab or by right-clicking the Summoning icon.

The available pets, the Araxyte they resemble and their methods of unlock can be found below.

These pet skins cannot be obtained when duoing Araxxor.

Kill Araxxi after reducing Araxxor's life points to 0 with the reflective damage dealt from attacking a Mirrorback spider.

Kill Araxxi after finishing off Araxxor after he has been healed for 160,000 life points by the spiders that hang down from the ceiling of the hive.

This can be done by dealing no damage to Araxxor on the first 2 phases.

Its incredibly clear, friendly interface is understandable, easy to use, and Super Duper's built-in scheduler makes it trivial to back up automatically.Unlocking all six Araxyte pets is required in order to receive the Araxyte egg drop.Alternatively, the player may gamble the kill's drops to double their chances to receive the pet; the player must roll a 0 to unlock it.Note that the first pet obtained (via random drop from Araxxi) is determined based on the achievement(s) met during the fight.Multiple pet skins may be unlocked in a single kill.

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As such, it takes roughly 6 to 8 hours to grow into a baby dragon, depending on whether you feed it or not.

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