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Once Elvis finished the tune, he handed the teams their clue instructing them to travel to the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

ROCKIN' RAPPEL Because of a taxi driver who knew a faster route, married couple Brian & Ericka arrived at Mandalay Bay in first place to find the final Roadblock of the race.

Using bungee cords, one team member had to launch their partner high enough in the air to retrieve a bouquet of flowers suspended high above the stage.

When they grabbed the entire bouquet, they would hand it to the flower child to receive their next clue.

Pulling up to the airport, Brian said to Ericka "It's going to be funny to see their faces when we walk in." Indeed, when the married couple walked through the door, Meghan & Cheyne let out a huge cheer and ran over to hug and congratulate them.

Being that this was the first time that Sam & Dan saw Brian & Ericka since stealing their taxi, the brothers apologized profusely to them, saying, "We know you hate us." Brian later remarked, "I forgive them, but I'm not gonna forget what happened.

Guessing that everyone would be on the same flight, the dating couple went to the airport and waited to see who would be joining them in the final three.

As she put on the gear high atop the hotel, Ericka said, "Today I am fearless.

Finally reaching the bottom of the building, Ericka reunited with Brian and the pair discovered that they had to travel to the Mirage Hotel.

Having to scale the side of the immense Mandalay Bay affected second place Cheyne and third place Sam in entirely different ways.

When they landed, they had to travel to the Graceland Wedding Chapel to get their next clue from the King.

Arriving at a nearby travel agency, Meghan & Cheyne found a British Airways flight leaving at pm, the earliest available.

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I think it's one of our most dynamic casts so far and I think viewers are going to be really excited about the teams that we have cast for next season," she explained.

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