Solarwinds failure updating asp net script maps

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Solarwinds failure updating asp net script maps

This is not an immediate problem but eventually it will stop. NET runtime keeps track on how frequently your app is failing and if it breaches that threshold the App Pool is stopped, taking down with it, any applications sharing that pool. You can also change the way Visual Studio handles exceptions (check under Debug According to logs App Pool stops due to 5 in a row errors...

In this case, why VS complained on files in "C:/windows/" folder... One which I've run into myself is that any unhandled exception on a thread other than the request worker thread will cause the App Pool to eventually stop.

To fix it, I just made it do an explicit selection, since Entity Objects don't like to be serialized and caused my application pool to stop. NET IIS Registration Tool (Aspnet_regiis.exe) is used for registering ASP.

class lets you call into popular map engines including Bing, Google, Map Quest, and Yahoo.

The steps for adding mapping to a page are the same regardless of which of the map engines you call.

Full setup requires the following steps to be done: The simplest method - recycle your Application pool, wait for 5 minutes, then go to the Hangfire Dashboard UI and check that current Hangfire Server instance was started 5 minutes ago.

If you have problems – don’t hesitate to ask them on forum. because you are using shared hosting, free Azure web site or something else (btw, can you tell me your configuration in this case?

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By default, Hangfire Server instance in a web application will not be started until the first user hits your site.

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