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Sedating dog acepromazine

She doesn't mind the shaver, but I shave her in small sections with a small rechargeable cordless trimmer.I introduced it to her without doing any clipping at first, just "petting" her with it, without using the clippers.At the time I thought it was kinda weird but it quickly stopped the bleeding.

Piece of advice from the start, don't go cheap on the trimmer.

I have an 8 1/2 lb indoor cat (lean) that I gave a half pill (5 mg) to and within an hour he was pretty chill.

I got the pills in Orange County, 4 for about and now live in Houston where a nice groomer charges flat fee. I need to shave my cat for sanitary reasons as well as shedding and heat.

Altough my cat loves to go out on the balcony he stays indoors most of the time.

At first I wanted to bring him to a pet store and have "pros" do it.

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You do have to hold the cat firmly at some points but most of the time he didn't move that much.