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The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) factsheet on retention of HR records, setting out requirements under data protection and other legislation (health and safety, anti-terrorism, electronic communications and more), was updated most recently in July 2015. Annual changes to the statutory maximum "weekly pay" for calculating certain statutory entitlements, including statutory redundancy pay and basic compensation for unfair dismissal, take effect on 6 April each year in England, Wales and Scotland. The maximum weekly pay for calculating statutory redundancy pay for redundancies taking effect on or after , and other payments based on this figure, is £489 (increased from £479).It sets out what HR records are, the legal position, statutory retention periods where these exist, and recommended retention periods where there is no statutory period. From 6 April 2017 the limit on guarantee payments when an employee is not provided with work is £27 per day (increased from £26), and the minimum compensation for a worker excluded or expelled from a trade union is £9,118 (increased from £8,939).For unfair dismissal awards, see Unfair dismissal awards, below.These and related changes are based on the September retail prices index (RPI).The public health responsibility deal states, "We will treat people within our organisation with respect and dignity.We will do everything we can to prevent stalking, violence or abuse either in the workplace or that has an effect on people in the workplace, whether from a colleague, family member or anyone else.Sheila Gilmore, MP for Edinburgh East, reported on her website on 18 March 2014 that Esther Mc Vey, minister for employment at the Department for Work and Pensions, had stated in a letter on 1 March that DWP does not currently require jobseeker's allowance claimants to apply for zero-hours contracts.This is because short periods of work could end a JSA claim, requiring new claims to be made in periods where earnings fall.

The guidance will ensure than an appropriate, safe and sensitive response can be implemented and our employees supported when they raise such an issue." Information about the pledge and links to the are on the Department of Health website via claimants who do not apply for zero-hours contracts, or turn them down, do not face sanctions from DWP.However, Mc Vey said in her letter that this would change for claimants who receive universal credit, because this benefit is payable whether the claimant is working or not, and is designed to be responsive to variations in earnings.These and other awards are in the Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order (Northern Ireland) 2016, at As with "intern" and "volunteer", there is no legal definition of a zero-hours contract — leading to much confusion for workers, employers, the media and everyone else.

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