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Rico is the second born of 5, 1 brother and 3 sisters. Toth, Michael, born 03 March 1983, died 09 November 2010 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania Our Remembrance I love you all the lovins in the whole wide world \'cause you\'re the best and you\'re my baby - forever and always! Porter, Katelyn, born 28 December 1990, died 11 September 2013 in Santa Barbara, California Our Remembrance She loved music, had the best laugh, was always a night owl, and loved to watch movies.

Love, miss and need you, Mike Mc Nicholas, Annette, born 02 July 1964, died in Michgan Our Remembrance Memories of your tender heart. Gentle child, full of grace - Someday again to see your face. LOVE, DAD, DAVID, MUM, MATHA & BRO MALCOM JR PHILANDCosker, Casey, born 09 September 1987, died in Miamisburg, Ohio, USAOur Remembrance From Bozrah and Ledyard, Connecticut. Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, BFA in writing 2009 Mass Communication Specialist, US Navy aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt, Veteran Editor at Image Magazine, NY. Though she skirted death on several occasions from numerous car, bike and skateboard accidents, she claimed she was helped by the angels that watched over her. We find comfort knowing that she is in heaven with her Daddy, who she has missed since she was a little girl.

Miller, John, born , died 26 June 2013 in Roseburg, Oregon Our Remembrance John was my fiance, my life, my soulmate.

He will forever be in my heart and his son Ethans as well as friends and family. Lara, Juan Ricardo, born 16 August 1971, died 15 June 2011 in Arizona Our Remembrance Rico was always looked at as strong.

Gradolph, Lucy, born 17 September 1992, died 01 February 2016 in Birmingham, Michigan Our Remembrance Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, your are loved beyond words a d missed beyond measure. Beautiful flowers that are easily misunderstood, Flowers that people try to get rid of, weeds that are beautiful to me but ugly and annoying to them. Ryder, Cole, born 15 September 1992, died 18 October 2008 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada Our Remembrance Cole was such a loving, kind and compassionate young man. xo Hoyt, William, born 22 September 1989, died 18 March 2011 in Corning, New York Our Remembrance We will miss you every single day. I still question if there was anything I could have done to help. I still can't imagine living in this world without you xxxxx To the moon and back and far beyond, I will love you xxxxx Cummins, Ryan James, born 22 October 1993, died 09 November 2013 in Pennsylvania, USAOur Remembrance A kind gentle soul gone too soon. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Flowers that you make a wish upon, or crush and step on. He was a wonderful friend, always there for people, and he never judged anyone. You're free from your pain and I hope to be reunited with you again one day. Eales, Alex, born 19 June 1992, died 06 August 2011 in Mackay, Queensland, Australia Our Remembrance My beautiful son, Alex. ~ Mahatma Ghandi Walker, Briana Noel, born 04 July 1983, died 16 April 2017 in Frisco, Texas, USOur Remembrance Briana was a kind and loving person who put everyone before her. Her life was not an easy road though starting from when she was a little girl and she was never able to move past her demons no matter how hard she tried. Bertoch, Taycia Marie, born 21 November 1992, died 10 October 2011 in Utah Our Remembrance My Butterfly, fly high, fly free, your are my inspiration and I will forever live life with you in my heart, in my soul.

I'm just like a dandelion, So please see me as a flower, Not a weed. Cole was always full of energy and put a smile on anyones face when they were down. I'll always remember the love you showed me and cherish the time we had together. I will remember you with every sunrise, every sunset, every rainbow and everyday I look into the eyes of my three grandchildren, your Nephews and Niece that you loved so dearly and meant the world to you.

-Zo Nichole Myers"Caines, Jr., Ralph A., born 12 April 1966, died 30 September 1996 in Olyphant, Pennsylvania Our Remembrance "I have loved you with an everlasting love" Jeremiah: 31-3 Raphael, My Healer, My Angel, My Baby O' Conner, Marta, born , died in Beaufort, South Carolina Our Remembrance A mother who loved her children with all her might. If there is ever anyone who come across her picture just know that her heart was selfless and her devotion pure. I know you were ready to leave this conformed planet, and be endlessly everywhere. Beautiful as a Rose, Free as a Butterfly, Forever 18.

Thinking of you makes me laugh and I miss you so much!

Shookowsky, John, born 22 June 1972, died 11 February 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Our Remembrance He was my friend, my confidant and my non-biological son. Philand, Gershwin, born , died 23 March 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa Our Remembrance In memory of Our Beloved son and Brother, Time may close the book of grief, but memories we will never forgot. Employed at Civitas Media at time of death in Miamisburg, Ohio Casey was an avid reader and writer all his life. She asked to be baptized at 8, as she loved Jesus and knew she was His.

He was a lover of bookstores, sushi, cats, and social media. As a believer in Christ, she awaits us in Heaven and is dancing with her Daddy to the beat of that different drum they both heard.

Armstrong, Brandon, born 20 December 1976, died 03 October 1995 in California Our Remembrance Think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched.

For nothing loved is ever lost and he was loved so much.

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I wish now that the flowers had came in life instead :'( Her favorite quote "Take the good, Leave behind the bad, and accept the ugly (of life)" ~Zully Kenney, Jake Wayne, born 02 December 1994, died 05 December 2011 in Alabama, United States Our Remembrance Jake, always seem happy and liked making people smile. We don\'t know the true reason why he killed himself. Madril, David Lyle, born 25 June 1984, died 17 April 2010 in Los Angeles, California Our Remembrance My Dear Sonny Boy, miss you so much everyday, your always on my mind and will forever be in my heart. Your dad, your sister and Oscar miss you so much too. If we all just had that one moment to tell you how much we love you, that one moment to hug & hold you, that one moment to let you know that everything will be ok; but that \"moment\" will have to wait until we meet again.