Orange dating book

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Orange dating book

Other accessories, such as costumes of the series' characters, have also appeared on the market for the company.

NO 4, NO 5, NO 6, PO 1, PO 2, PO 3, PO 5, PO 13, PO 16, PO 17, PO 17:1, PO 20, PO 20:1, PO 21, PO 21:1, PO 23, PO 23:1, PO 34, PO 36, PO 38, PO 40, PO 41, PO 43, PO 45, PO 46, PO 47, PO 48, PO 49, PO 51, PO 52, PO 53, PO 59, PO 60, PO 61, PO 62, PO 64, PO 65, PO 66, PO 67, PO 68, PO 69, PO 71, PO 72, PO 73, PO 74, PO 75, PO 77, PO 78, PO 79, PO 80, PO 81, PO 84, PO 86, PO 107, Antimony Orange; Chamotte; IRGAZIN Orange 2037; Kibeni Orange; Lead-tin Orange; Maya Crom Orange OR2800; Mineral Orange; Realgar; Where applicable, you can click on the artist paint or pigment company code found in the "Common Historic and Marketing Name Column" next to the pigments name. The MSDS from the Grumbacher web site also states they are "coprecipated with barium sulfate" (Ref: MSDS Sheet) But, that would make them "Cadmium-Barium" Pigments should be indicated with :1 after the color index name. (Ref: Grumbacher Pre-Tested Pigment Info dating around 2010-12) See below for more info on cadmium barium pigments, and why it matters. It appesrs this pigment may be more light fast in oils or Alkyd paints. Brilliant Orange [MA.a]; Cadmium Orange Hue [WN.wo]; Cadmium Red Light Azo (hue); C. Pigment Orange 43; Indanthrene Orange [MA.o(artis)]; Indo Orange Red [DB.a | LQ.a | UT.a]; Orange [RT]; Orange Lake [MA.o.w]; Perinone [GU]; Perinone Orange [CAS.k | DS.a.o.w | DR.a| MW.o | WN | UT.w]; Permanent Red Light [MA]; Permanent Orange [MA.p]; Permanent Red Orange [MA. Pigment Orange 67; Chrome Orange Tone [SCH.o(Mus)]; Coral Orange [OH.o.w]; Enceprint Orange 2953; Mono Azo Orange [GR.o]; Monoazo Orange [GR.o]; Paliotol Orange D 2953; Paliotol Orange L; Paliotol® Orange L 2930 HD; Pigment Orange 67; Pyrazolo - Chinazolone Orange; Pyrazoloquinazolone Orange; Scheveningen Red Scarlet [OH]; Sico Fast Orange L2952HD; Cadmium Red Orange Hue; C. Pigment Orange 69; Isoindolinone Orange [GU]; Naphthol red; Paliogen Orange; Pigment Orange 69; Pyranthron Orange; Pyranthrone orange [KP.p]; Scarlet; Scheveningen Orange [OH*Lightfastness Questioned in watercolors (Ref) may be due to testing on a single formulation.

However, the ASTM specifications are usually voluntary and there is little means to enforce them.

Also because of language differences, changes in the paint or pigments common identification because of contemporary usage (often perpetrated by manufacturer's incorrect color marketing names), and last but not least - the sheer multitude of historically used paint names for any given paint\pigment, it's nearly impossible to prove or say a manufacturer of art materials is being purposely deceptive.

The information on the Blick Art site, Grumbacher Cadmium are indicated to be cadmium barium pigments but are given the CI name of pure cadmium colors. In the following pigment info the for pre-tested oil paint they they indicate the cadmium yellows with correct cadmium barium names, but the the reds and oranges are all designate as PO-40 instead of PO-40:1allthough the literature states, it to a cadmium barium pigment. Light fastness may be better in the redder, more opaque grades (Ref at Paint & Coatings Industry Magazine, article * 1st set of BWS from Alkyd paint, 2nd set from offset ink, at Lansco pigment Data.

The greater the mercuric sulfide content the deeper and redder the hue.

Extract of the seeds of the plant Bixa orellana; Norbiksiini annatto; Primary coloring due to bixin and norbixin; A bright orange lake is prepared by precipitating annatto on alumina trihydrate. * | LK | SE.a | SCH.a.o.p]; Cadmium Red Orange [BX.o.w | DB.o | SCH.w | SE.a.o.p | SQ.a]; Cadmium Red Orange Genuine [SCH]; Cadmium Red Scarlet; Cadmium Scarlet; Cadmium Selenium Sulfide; Cadmium Sulfide; Cadmium Yellow Extra Deep; Cadmium Yellow Deep [AS | HO.| LK | SCH.a.g.o.p | UT.a.o.w]; Cadmium Yellow Deep Pure [UT.o.w]; Cadmium Yellow 3 Deep [ SCH.o(Mus)]; Cadmium Yellow Orange [BX.w | LB.o | SE]; Cadmium Yellow Orange Genuine [SE.t]; Chinese Orange; Greenokite; Orange Cadmium (Genuine) [CH]; Orange Cadmium Yellow [PF.w]; True Cadmium Orange [PF.o]; Pigment Orange 20Inorganic; Cadmium Selenosulphide; LBNL Pigment Database Spectral radiative properties; Cadmium Orange; How Cadmium yellow/red is made at; Some brands of cadmium paints may in fact be composed of Cadmium-Barium Pigments even if indicated on the label as pure PO 20 (Reference: A Critical Analysis of Commercial Pigments, by M. With a few exceptions, most are plant or animal extracts or dyes that need to be fixed to a substrate to become pigments (i.e. A few are organic natural earths such as Cassel earth (Van Dyke Brown). In the case of ancient pigments, historic pigments, minerals or other odd pigments, I have used the most commonly used traditional historic, mineral or chemical name as determined by my research.

Annatto- A natural orange dye obtained from the lipstick plant which is a small tree, Monoazo; Orthonitraniline; Naphthol; Mono-nitro compound, specifically ortho-substituted; Prepared by coupling o-nitroaniline with -naphthol (Ref Pigment Compendium, Copyright © 2008, p.38) 2-Naphthalenol,1-[(2-nitrophenyl)azo]- (9CI); 2-Naphthol, 1-(o-nitrophenylazo)- (6CI); 1-[(2-Nitrophenyl)azo]-2-naphthol;1-[(o-Nitrophenyl)azo]-2-naphtho NSC 658-09-9 Azo Orange; C. according to historic pigment books & references, paint sales literature, and pigment manufacturers references.

(hue): When a manufacturer has has used a common historical name for a pigment that is the accepted traditional historic pigment name and has not clearly indicated it to be a hue or substitute, I have indicated it with the "(hue)"* in parenthesis.

For example calling\naming a paint made with Phthalocyanine Blue as "Azure", "Smalt" or "Cobalt Blue".

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I have not included detailed chemical descriptions or analyses, but only basic information that should help you to find further information.

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