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Mason musso dating

Mason yells "Airball" at Boomer, and everyone laughs.

He tells him that they have to keep it, bacause they can restart their day when something bad happens.

Boomer walks up with a shrimp cocktail while wearing his "Party pants." Brady asks him what the shrip is for, and he says Lanny got it for him from the Dark side.

He brings the shrimp to Mason, who eats it and shrinks down.

Brady says that he will use the watch to date Mikayla until she "fallls for him." Another montage plays as the two of them use the watch to date Mikayla and get revenge on Mason, but each plan backfires, until Brady's picnic with Mikayla, where she tells him she just wants him to be honest, after getting pooped on by the Razor Hawk.

Brady later walks into the plaza, where Boomer shows him his big revenge plot, to humiliate Mason at a Guard Appreciation Party.

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