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It's 10.30am and he normally rises after noon, but with two strong lattes inside him he's slowly coming to.

"Four Winds" is also the name of a song on Bright Eyes' (aka Oberst's) 2007 album Cassadaga, but now he's still on the aforementioned ring and how he recently had it blessed in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

Taylor’s greatest achievement is the number of fans she has made in the years of her career and the heights of success she has reached to.

"Matador" from Overlook, "Song Beneath The Song" from , "A Good Start" from Lynn Teeter Flower, and "Time Lapse Lifeline" and "Cartoons and Forever Plans", which features actor/singer Soko and was directed by SKINNY (Directing Team), from Lady Luck.

Fêted by the likes of Michael Stipe, Lou Reed and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, Oberst is a rather enigmatic individual who last year performed with the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl.

The singer from Omaha, Nebraska, has been described as a "lightning rod for his generation", and a "boy wonder" of indie songwriting, but it's a quiet charisma he exudes when you meet him in person.

"A native American friend of mine did it for me during a visit to the Pyramid of the Sun," says the diminutive, raven-haired singer.

"Now it feels extra magical and I wear it all the time." What was Oberst doing in Tepoztlan? Given that Cassadaga was named for a spiritualist community in Florida that Oberst had visited, it was only natural that he would be drawn to a small Mexican town famous for Aztec magic and its high incidence of UFO sightings; a town that is also the reputed birthplace of the feathered-serpent-god Quetzalcoatl. " says the singer of the locale that spawned his 14th album, Conor Oberst.

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Oberst has also engaged with the nuts and bolts of US politics, famously penning the George Dubya-baiting "When the President Talks to God", and touring with Bruce Springsteen et al on 2004's much publicised but ultimately ineffectual Vote For Change jaunt.

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