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Im dating matt damon mp3

l’ve never been good at goodbyes and therefore this won’t be one, because your music will live on, in me and someday in my children. - Ana Minghelli For my 16th Birthday I received Ocean Avenue.

- Austin Bradford Your music has been part of the soundtrack to some of the best times of my life. Meeting you guys during the final tour was an amazing experience!

As a music lover, I love a lot of different bands and artists, but you have always been MY band.

I always come back to your songs because those are the lyrics that resonate with me and relate to whatever I am feeling at the time.

There is such an amazing energy and passion from the crowd and the band that I have never experienced anywhere else.

To me, for those few hours the whole world stops and we are in our own Yellowcard world.

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Most importantly, thank you for following your dreams and passions to create something so amazing and sharing it with the world.

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