Error validating location cannot access cvsroot

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Error validating location cannot access cvsroot

Of those, I have used SVN myself and run a few repos, but people tend to say that Git and Mercurial are easier to use.You can get a SVN plugin for eclipse, called subclipse.The guys I work with don't get their jollies by doing version control. I know that they will not maximize use of the VCS if they find the learning curve the least bit intimidating.

I was thinking, is there a CVS-like setup wherein the repository is just a shared network resource (folder, drive, etc.), and the users would connect to the repository, checkout their own local copies.

If you're able to have a shared directory, you can use CVS.

There are plenty of reasons to prefer other systems over CVS (personally, I've become a big fan of Git), but it doesn't sound like you I agree with Keith Thompson's statement relative to staying with CVS, however, based on a review of DVCS done by actually trying git for two weeks, I cannot recommend git as a smooth replacement for seasoned cvs users looking for a smooth transition to DVCS with minimal retraining.

The others probably have them too but I don't know.

SVN had the slogan "CVS done right", so it will be quite easy to get SVN phylosophy after using CVS. I don't see any strong reason you couldn't continue using CVS.

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As a result, I tried Bazaar, and it was amazing how I felt comfortable with it in minutes. My git repository converted to Bazaar in minutes and I was comfortable with using it in less than an hour.

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