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Dirty dating 3 calendar girls

Don’t worry – it’s not a “race” in the traditional sense.

Middle aged Chris Harper and Annie Clarke are best friends.They find much of what goes on there, especially the monthly presentations, banal and devoid of enlightenment and fun.Equally as banal was last year's fund-raising calendar, featuring local bridges, which raised a meager £75.60, with this year's proposed calendar, local churches, promising to be even more so.After Annie's husband John passes away from leukemia, Chris wants the WI to provide a memorial in his memory: a new sofa for the family room at the hospital.The one Chris wants to buy costs £999, which she proposes to raise by changing the fund-raising calendar to one ...

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However, they are playing their recorders, not recording, since the play buttons are pushed, but the red record buttons are not. The first thirteen actors/characters (Helen Mirren/Chris to John Fortune/Frank) are followed by the main crew such as the producers, writer and director, with the remaining cast appearing after this. Performed by The Temptations Courtesy of Motown Records / Universal-Island Records Limited Licensed by kind permission from The Universal Film & TV Licensing Division See more » In the small town of Knapely, Yorkshire, England, Annie Clarke (Julie Walters) has just lost her husband, who was ill with leukemia.