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After all, he’s is a firm believer that the only real thing you can do ‘wrong’ is not doing anything at all.“There is nothing that will work every time,” he tells SBS “You will get rejected but if you see that as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger, then in a year’s time this will show in your confidence.” Once you’ve found a potential date, Manak suggests opting for an ‘ask-out’ approach that comes naturally.

“That confidence for me, is almost always well-received.

It also creates more excitement because, to some people, blind dates based on online reaction are more challenging. And then there’s the fact that in real life, you’re not just a one-dimensional image, so there ‘should be’ less emphasis on looks and more on personality or the package as a whole.

Here's how to best capitalise on those real-life encounters and come away with a little more than just a pocketful of regret (like hope and maybe even a phone number! Dating coach, Chris Manak, says it only takes a second to size someone up as a potential mate so go for it.

He recommends asking your potential partner their name and where they are from. I believe that if he had approached her online, he would have been overlooked.” But what if you spot a potential date while he or she is in a group setting?

“I had a client a couple of weeks ago who got a first text from a girl saying that she really admired his courage in approaching her,” Manak says. Dating expert, Matthew Hussey offers up this strategy on his popular You Tube channel.

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