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· November 2nd, 1987: The dayafter the huge book release party for “The Art of the Deal”, whichcost well over 0,000…

Trump tries to convince his ghost writer, Tony Schwartz,that since they wrote the book together, they had to split the cost of theparty together, evenly.

) gave an interview in 2015 and classified their treatment as having been "like hookers”.

· August 12th, 1984: Donald Trump proposes building the tallest building in the world in New York, that would be 500 feet taller than the Sears Tower.

(The fact that Donald can’t tell the difference should concern anyonewith any concern for the country’s environment, should he be electedpresident.) · April 2nd, 1985: Donald Trump asks for reimbursement for the contract of New Jersey Generals player Doug Flutie from the USFL office, because he felt he had “overpaid” for him. But don’t worry, in antitrust cases,damages are tripled… Steve Ehrhart, the USFL’s executive director, has keptthat check, and never cashed it.

That was also asurprised at the time to Milton Bradley executives, who had never discussedsuch a donation.

(Hint: He never donated the money to charity.) · August 17, 1989: Donald Trump, having learned nothing from his disastrous involvement in the USFL that killed the budding football league, begins making serious overtures towards creating a rival baseballleague to MLB, and talks about being a potential franchise owner in Northern New Jersey.

normally, the CSGOPOTDblog just puts down an “update” to new happenings about anentry. From hisincitement at violence at his rallies, to his permissive attitude towards whitesupremacists who support him and even placing white nationalists on his White House staff, from his several racist policy ideas, tohis authoritarian outlook that isn’t just borderline fascism, it’s almost thetextbook definition… Today he cites this as an example of his his “tendency to stand up and let myopinions be known in a very forceful way”.

We include presidents who shrugged off being shot and kept on movin’ along. All of the old, with the daily disgustingcomments from the Cheeto Golem who in three months could be thepresident-elect. We’re laying it allout, again, and all of the events that unfolded since we left off reporting on Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly after the first GOP debate in Cleveland, Ohio. So we’ll do our part and tellthe whole story, and hope that’s enough to sway some minds. here’s our full timeline of Donald Trump’s worst moments (that we knowof, there are probably worse ones that we don’t): · 1955: Per Donald Trump’s book,“The Art of the Deal”, at some point during this year, he is in second grade,and punches his music teacher in the face, giving them a blackeye because in the 8 year old Trump’s mind “”.

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