Dating scrapbook kit

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Dating scrapbook kit

He is excluded from all the plans, and is ultimately disintegrated along with clones 5 to 10 when the original Dipper accidentally sets off the emergency sprinklers.

His last "words" were "It's better this way for Paper Jam Dipper." (when translated).

Some sections of his body are much lighter than others.

When Tyrone tries to feed him with a cracker, it turns out that his mouth is planar so he can't eat; the cracker falls to the ground.

Doing things together creates opportunities to bond and share deeper thoughts about life.

Have a Google hangout or Skype call to out of town family 82.

Have a formal dinner at home (complete with servers, menu, dressing up, etc.) 90.

Have a push-up contest (dad has child on his back to level the playing field) 56. Watch reruns of old shows that were popular when you were young 64.

Create a time capsule and bury it in the backyard 73.

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Take a local mission trip (visit homeless shelters and give meals) 58.

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