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Some fresh (or slightly brackish) water comes from underground.

To allow the water from the SW to cross the Gran Canal there is a series of conduits from the Canal del Sol to the Canal Siurana, passing underneath the two tracks and the Gran Canal.There problems of pollution associated with the agricultural use of fertilizers and pesticides.Fortunately the waters from nearby built-up areas that were a source of pollution are now almost totally treated.About 100000 years ago (in the Riss Glacial Period) the formation of a sandy coast gives the first indication of the emergence of the current S'Albufera.A study of the sedimentation of S'Albufera has allowed geologists to determine that there are epochs in which salt water predominated, and other periods -of maybe centuries- when the water was almost, or even completely fresh.

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If the flood of the streams coincides with a high tide, two lateral canals at the mouth of the Gran Canal (called Sol and Siurana) cope with the overflow, channelling it to S'Albufera.