Dating and marriage customs in canada

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Dating and marriage customs in canada

At the reception, a guest will grab a big bowl or a hat and shout ‘THE BRIDE IS FOR SALE.’ He then puts money in the bowl, passes it on, and starts to dance with the bride.Everyone who adds money has a turn at dancing with the bride, until the groom wants a go.As the wedding reception draws to a close, French newlyweds are presented with a real chamber pot, filled with the leftover bits of alcohol from the wedding (and sometimes extra delights like melted chocolate, banana, or even toilet paper! The couple must consume it all before leaving, so as to build up strength before the, er, wedding night ahead.Up until 1994, it was illegal to get married in a venue that had a closed front door!The theory was that anyone who wished to object must have easy access to the ceremony.This complicated marrying at sea: you could only marry on a ship if it was docked and the gangplank was down.Each woman pulls a ribbon out of the cake and discovers a small charm tied to the other end – the one who pulls out the ribbon that has a ring attached will be the next to get married!

At a Finnish wedding reception, the groomsmen will kidnap the bride (often while disguised as gangsters).

As the couple arrives, the mother of the groom welcomes them and ceremonially smashes the bell, bringing the couple good luck and prosperity.

A Belgian bride will carry a handkerchief that has been embroidered with her name.

Then, the bride will be ‘kidnapped’ – and the groom must perform for the guests to win her back!

In Quebec and other French-speaking parts of Canada, the older, unmarried siblings of the bride and groom perform a dance at the reception while wearing ridiculous, brightly-colored, knitted socks.

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