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Dating agencies in rugby

Her decision to rip up and start again on the sports participation strategy is admirable.The MP, who is also a qualified FA coach and an ex-footballer herself, managed a girl’s team in her constituency, Chatham and Aylesford, where she was elected in 2010.Or higher-profile media coverage no longer so dependent on a babe not wearing much. When David Beckham tweeted to the Lionesses as they won their way through to this year’s World Cup semi-final: “Girls what a performance.We are so proud of what you have achieved and the passion you have shown …” he spoke for a nation enthralled. Investing in women’s sport has been estimated as 30 times less expensive than backing the more high-profile men’s division.Mr Hendry said these included a woman named Abbey whose payments were stopped when she went on maternity leave, leaving her owing £2,000 in rent arrears and surviving on food vouchers during the four months it took to fix the error.

Crouch is a big supporter of women’s sport and women in sport.

Crouch is only the third woman to be Sports Minister.

Last week, she launched a consultation to develop a new strategy for sport.

The performance power of multi-tasking women is being increasingly valued in boardrooms. It is not just women’s sport that is proffering opportunities, but male domains too. And even there, Eva Carneiro, the Chelsea First Team doctor, is probably allowed in with her sponge.

Essentially, the rise of women’s influence in sport is about confidence.

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All areas of sporting life from players, administrators, lawyers, agents to politicians, campaigners, designers, sportswriters and broadcasters, once the uncompromising fiefdom of masculinity, have boldly opened up to “going woman” ... first 50 Most Influential Women in Sport list is a sign of the emancipation.

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