Chelsea handler dating redheads

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Chelsea handler dating redheads

Hispanics and/or Latinos This group has become an increasingly unacceptable target in the United States due to the growing amount of immigration (and therefore political votes and purchasing power) of these people.

Foreign/unusual accents and dialects are also typically considered speech impediments, and therefore become subjects of mockery much like Acceptable Hard Luck Targets.In much of Asia, depressingly, black people are Boers/Afrikaners During the 1980s era when international revulsion against Apartheid was at its height, there was a brief tendency in British and American works to have white South Africans, especially Afrikaners, turning up as villains, even in stories with nothing particularly to do with South Africa.If they weren't the Big Bad, they were usually Psychos For Hire, and visually portrayed in a manner bordering on that of the Evil Albino (which isn't even accurate, since many Boers have fairly swarthy complexions from having lived for centuries in a semitropical climate).Thanks to MTV's , having an Italian surname is an easy way for people to view you as a drunken, hard-partying, orange-skinned douchebag. Often portrayed as outwardly cold or immoral for their part in the former Soviet Union.If you're male, it's assumed that you use steroids, and if you're female, it's assumed that you're a slut. It's still relatively common to see portrayals of non-Russian Slavs, particularly the Balkan Slavs (and people who aren't Slavs but get lumped with them anyway, such as the Romanians or Greeks) as uncultured thugs and savages keen on getting revenge on their "ancient enemies" i.e. There's also depictions of them as cunning tricksters who might outwardly accept (Western) civilization, but actually just exploit it for their own gains (e.g.

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