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That process, Smith says, makes it easy for owners to appeal those decisions, by arguing unfair bias: "Our zoning is open to lawsuits based on First Amendment Constitutional rights," she says."We were too restrictive." Smith proposes making zoning rules more clear-cut, by allowing adult businesses in industrial areas, so long as they are 500 feet from residences, churches, schools and other community centers.But cities are worried about an overlap between strip clubs and prostitution; licensing dancers "works to keep the most flagrant violators out." As for the tattoo disclosure, "it sounds bad, but that's standard for identification purposes." But Kail-Smith's regulations would certainly represent a new standard of regulation in the local entertainment scene: Pittsburgh's strip-club dancers would be subjected to more scrutiny than, say, bartenders.(The state LCB does not require background checks for bartenders, or mandate any training unless their workplace has previously run afoul of liquor laws.) Kail-Smith's bill is motivated by concern over "secondary effects" -- the consequences a strip club brings with it.Hanging her head upside down off the stage, she flips her long auburn hair into the face of a female patron and smiles. It's a typical lunchtime scene at Blush, Downtown's long-lived strip club.But almost every aspect of the scene would change under legislation proposed by City Councilor Theresa Kail-Smith. Kail-Smith says the city needs more say in how, and where, strip clubs operate.“I want to lift the stigma around strippers and adult entertainers at large.I see empowered women and these images share and convey that dynamic exchange of power.” ​“People tend to think there's an imbalance of power in favour of men," she says. These women know exactly what they want, take it and can literally make anything happen.

City officials have similarly been unable to thwart plans for a Hustler club near the Rivers Casino.Christmas comes this time each year, and so does Farrah Abraham in a Santa Suit ... Farrah kicked off her holiday season at Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas Thursday night. The 'Teen Mom'/porn star wasn't stripping -- she was only pole-adjacent as the host of a holiday party. "You want the law to be crafted so an officer can walk in, make sure things are being run properly, and walk out." And once properly installed, a raised stage makes it easy to verify that dancers are maintaining the required distance.Licensing of dancers, meanwhile, "is a relatively new thing," says Mc Cleary.

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The clubs must also be 750 feet from highway on- and off-ramps.