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Outside, well-heeled locals go about their day in the cosmopolitan Recoleta neighbourhood.While behind the door of this luxury retreat, you’ll find all you need to make yourself right at home.There are basically two types of prostitutions available in Bangladesh; Floating prostitutes or sailing hooker are spread all over in Dhaka city.They get in touch with the clients and move to the appropriate locations which also called Bangladesh red light districts, discussing with the clients. From Ananda cinema area up to Grameen Phone office a significant number of hookers are seen dressed in burkha.

Many NGOs financed from European nations had taken diverse actions to spread the prostitution.The recreational areas of DCC are grazing areas of the hookers.In those places lighting is off and early in the day around the tangible chairs, lots of condoms or contraceptives can be seen.The brothel is a different place with its own guidelines and hierarchies of authority which are very different from popular community.In the brothels, females are inadequate but also highly powerful.

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The Kandapara brothel in the region of Tangail is the second-largest in Bangladesh– it has persisted for some two hundred years.

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