Adult 2way chat

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Adult 2way chat

Indeed, SOD1G93A female homozygous for the mutated SOD1 are poor breeders and rarely produce more than one litter before the onset of the disease.It is therefore recommended to breed hemizygous male carrier to non-carrier wild-type females at each generation.Furthermore, MN cultures are particularly important in the study of neurodegenerative diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is characterized by MNs degeneration.However, the mechanism of MN degeneration still remains unresolved despite the discovery that mutations in the superoxide-dismutase (SOD1) caused the disease in 1–2% of ALS patients, and the development of transgenic mice overexpressing the mutated protein (SOD1G93A and SOD1G37R mice) and recapitulating the disease symptoms.Extraction of mouse spinal motor neurons from transgenic mouse embryos recapitulating some aspects of neurodegenerative diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has met with limited success.

Thus, improvements in the extraction, isolation and purification protocols of adult spinal MNs would be highly beneficial for the study of MN development, maintenance and degeneration.Consequently, the possibility to extract, purify and culture adult astrocytes and microglia from mice at different specific disease stages would be essential to better understand neurodegenerative mechanisms.Astrocytes can be commonly obtained from glia cultures devoid of microglia using embryos, new born mouse spinal cords or brain of young rodents.An optimized and simplified approach using this purification method allowed us to obtain higher recovery rates of purified embryonic MNs extracted from one single embryo.We recovered 1.4 million MNs and 473,000 glial cells per CD-1 mouse embryo (56 embryonic spinal cords were isolated from 6 pregnant females) at E13.5 (Table 1).

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This protocol will be a powerful and reliable method to obtain motor neurons and glia to better understand mechanisms underlying spinal cord diseases.

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