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When you open the app and view the television shows, episodes that are in their “protected period” will have a bar across them “VERIFY TO VIEW.” If you click on one, it will ask you to sign in with an approved cable subscription.

These shows will also list how long until the protected period expires so you know when you can come back to watch it without a subscription.

Once that period has passed, the episode will be pulled and reuploaded with for streaming accessible to everyone.

Those shows will have no notifications on them, and they don’t state when they will expire.

Play On TV does not currently have a way to provide a username and password for a cable provider to allow you to access those channels, though that coding may change going forward. Those actions speak loudest because they affect companies in the pocketbook.

There are other channels where Play On TV already allows login access. ABC protects daily shows like The View or General Hospital for seven days, just like other shows. When they don’t get ad revenue from the eyeballs that don’t watch their streaming shows, that hurts them.

Click on any episode that has VIEW TO VERIFY on it. Select your cable provider, which will open a new page where you enter your credentials. If you had access to ABC streaming to your television via a third party provider previously, you may be able to.

Whether it’s because they can’t charge enough per viewing of the commercials online or their shows cost too much to make and license or some other problem altogether, address that root cause. Within two days, the app already had over 3,000 one star reviews. There are some shows that I’m willing to wait to watch, but not many. I’ll find other ways to spend my time, and that’s fewer eyeballs you’ll have anywhere. People simply don’t sit down on a Thursday night to watch live television anymore.Get the latest news and weather directly on your i OS device!Please note: If you have trouble installing the 6abc Philadelphia News app, please make sure that the Operating System (i OS) on your i Pad is updated to version 10.3 or higher.Right now, only some providers are participating, though this may change going forward.For ABC, if you have a cable subscription with AT&T U-verse, Charter, Cox, Google fiber, Midcontinent Communications, Optimum, Verizon Fi OS, or Xfinity, you are set.

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And typically, they only retain five episodes at a time. is a foodie living in Chicago with her two children. Though technically a SAHM, staying at home doesn’t seem to be in the job description!

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