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In the horoscope all these symbolic meanings are considered in their relation to the newly born.

A Latin hexameter thus sums up the meaning of the twelve houses: Vita, lucrum, fratres, genitor, nati, valetudo, Uxor, mors, sapiens, regnans benefactaque, daemon.

The position of the planets and the sun and moon in the twelve houses at the moment of birth is decisive. They are divided into day-stars (Saturn, Jupiter, and also the sun) and night-stars (the moon, Mars, and Venus); Mercury belongs both to day and night.

The sun, Jupiter, and Mars are masculine; the moon and Venus are feminine, Mercury belongs both to day and night.

Craig Zahler, Roschdy Zem, Chloé Zhao, Andrey Zvyaginstev, Alan Zweig, Director X, Dizaster, Drake, Dumbfoundead, Maïwenn, Xá. The supposed science which determines the influence of the stars, especially of the five older planets, on the fate of man ( astrologia judiciaria ; mundane, or judicial astrology) or on the changes of the weather ( astrologia naturalis ; natural astrology) according to certain fixed rules dependent upon the controlling position of stars (constallations aspects ) at the time under consideration.Judicial astrology--more important branch of this occult art--depended for its predictions upon the position of the planets in the "twelve houses" at the moment of the birth of a human being.Roy, Patricia Rozema, Clara Rugaard, Björn Runge, Ben Russell.S: Shayesteh Sajadi, Amr Salama, Charlotte Salisbury, Gustavo Salmerón, Julia Salmerón, Carlos Sanchez, Jason Sanchez, Sergio G.

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